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Caring Essentials and Mary Coughlin have partnered with individual clinicians, NICU teams, hospitals and healthcare systems in North America and the European Union – hospitals and healthcare systems committed to excellence in quality and patient safety grounded in the consistently reliable provision of trauma-informed, patient and family centered care - all have achieved measurable success.

Quantum Leap is Designed to cultivate courage, competence and confidence in champions LIKE YOU, to create the transformation you know is possible in your unit


Quantum Leap

A 6-month program to create cultural transformation that changes lives and changes outcomes for your patients, your unit, and yourself!


  1. How to create a vision for the future with clear goals and objectives that your colleagues and unit can connect with and implement
  2. How to design a high impact change program linked to specific outcomes for your unit
  3. How to effectively implement cultural change that transforms outcomes for babies and families
  4. How to anticipate obstacles in implementing changes and have clear strategies to overcome objections
  5. How to create personal transformation and increase your confidence applying research based tools and techniques
Mary understands how difficult it is to make behavioral changes in units that struggle with the fragility of life. The technical environment and protocols for safety are certainly needed, but still, she shows how behavior and consistency are fundamental for the baby needs.
— Dr Annick LE BRUN Chef de Clinique Adjoint Brussels, Belgium

The Surge Workshop is designed to engage your entire team, introducing the concepts and practices of trauma-informed care and begin your journey to Value-Conscious cultural TRANSFORMATION




An Introduction to Trauma-informed, Neurodevelopmentally Appropriate Care

2-day Workshop

  • This unique results-oriented 2-day workshop includes an online staff perception survey and an onsite environment of care audit examining current perceptions, practices, and documentation requirements related to trauma-informed neurodevelopmentally appropriate care.
  • Two 4-hour interactive learning sessions present the latest research on early life adversity, neurodevelopment, medical trauma, and trauma-informed, age-appropriate care. These sessions are scheduled for the afternoon of Day 1 and the morning of Day 2 to maximize staff participation, engagement and empowerment.
  • Day 2 concludes with a strategy session with key stakeholders to review survey and audit data. This review informs and guides quality and practice improvement priorities.
  • With the SURGE consultant, the team develops an evidence-based action plan to adopt and integrate best practices in trauma-informed neurodevelopmental care
Mary is a dynamic, engaging speaker who has the ability to reach every person in the audience. She succeeded in getting ALL participants excited about practice changes that will positively impact outcomes for our NICU babies and families. Everyone left the workshop feeling empowered and motivated to challenge the status quo. This workshop far exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you, Mary.
— Donna Kauke MSN, RN, NICU Clinical Nurse Specialist, UnityPoint Health - Meriter Madison WI

Virtual Quantum Caring and Quantum Caring are designed for healthcare organizations to transform the culture of care to REFLECT a trauma-informed, age-appropriate care paradigm

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Virtual Quantum Caring

An 18-month hybrid program that expands on the QUANTUM LEAP experience to facilitate the integration of the 5-core measure sets for trauma-informed, age-appropriate care into the culture of care.

The Virtual Quantum Caring (VQC) Program is a cultural transformation initiative designed to facilitate the adoption and integration of the 5-core measure sets for trauma-informed, neurodevelopmentally appropriate care, endorsed by the National Association of Neonatal Nurses, Canadian Association of Neonatal Nurses, and the Council of International Neonatal Nurses.

  The 5-Core Measures of Age Appropriate Care address Quality & Patient Safety, The Environment of Care, and Patient and Family Centered Care Priorities and Best Practices

The 5-Core Measures of Age Appropriate Care address Quality & Patient Safety, The Environment of Care, and Patient and Family Centered Care Priorities and Best Practices

The 5-Pillars of the VQC Program include:

1.     Evidence-Based Practice

2.     Quality / Practice Improvement

3.     Frontline Accountability

4.     Leadership Engagement

5.     Standardization

CEC was chosen based on its comprehensive approach to age appropriate care for preterm and critically ill infants, using the guideline for practice endorsed by the National Association of Neonatal Nurses. Mary is such an energetic and convincing speaker — having her provide education for all bedside providers—nursing, respiratory therapists, and rehab staff—inspired us to adopt improved care practices to reduce the trauma of hospitalization for our babies and their families. We have instituted long lasting practice changes that were developed by the teams working with Mary. Our work on interdisciplinary teams has increased collaboration on improving care practices. We have seen an increase in professional development — our unit presented six posters at national conferences, as well as two podium presentations about research projects that were part of the three-year project of working with CEC. Mary’s enthusiasm for “looking at the evidence” and measuring and sharing our experiences has promoted the professional growth and development of many of our newest nurses!
— Myra Rolfes, MN, BSN, RNC-NIC Staff Nurse, Leader, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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A 36-month cultural transformation program aimed at adopting and implementing the five-core measure sets for age-appropriate care of the hospitalized newborn and infant.  Combining high performance coaching and proven implementation strategies,clients achieve measurable and sustainable results that touch lives and impact lifetimes

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Mobile Learning resources for clinicians and families

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Quantum Caring for Parents - NICU

We asked Mary Coughlin to be our keynote speaker after reading her book, “Transformative Nursing in the NICU: trauma-informed age-appropriate care.” Mary collaborated with us to develop objectives, plan the content, and create the interactive supporting activities for the day. She was so easy to work with! Her communication was supportive, consistent, and positive. Feedback from the attendees was incredibly positive, and our respect and admiration for Mary is “wickedly” five-star! She continues to offer advice when we seek it from her, which is so very important for us in a NICU.
— Linda Lacina, MSN NIDCAP Trainer, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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