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Value-based, quality care begins with the adoption of evidence-based best practices that address not only disease management but also mitigate the disease-independent, lifelong morbidity associated with early life adveristy and Infant Medical Trauma in the NICU



Mary Coughlin MS, NNP, RNC-E is the President and Founder of Caring Essentials Collaborative. 

A leader in neonatal nursing and internationally recognized expert in the field of trauma-informed, age-appropriate care in the neonatal intensive care unit, Ms. Coughlin has over 30 years of nursing experience ranging from staff nurse, charge nurse, and NNP, to hospital administration and now entrepreneur.

A published author of over a dozen manuscripts, two text books, and several chapters, Mary has educated, inspired and empowered close to 10,000 transdisciplinary NICU clinicians from over 14 countries to transform the experience of care for the hospitalized infant and family in crisis.

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A professional who believes in quality and individual developmental care, Mary Coughlin shares her knowledge in creative and practical ways
— Thereza Vasconcellos Head Nurse Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of S. Francisco Xavier Hospital Lisbon, Portugal

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