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President and Founder of Caring Essentials Collaborative

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If you are interested in becoming a Trauma Informed Designated Facility, let's connect on a call and outline your next steps to achieve measurable and sustainable cultural transformation as you adopt a trauma informed paradigm in your clinical setting.

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"Mary approaches her expertise with such a tremendous respect not only for her fellow professionals but also for the tiniest and most vulnerable humans of whom she serves. You simply cannot help but view the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit differently and strive to serve your patients more empathically and with greater care after you hear her speak."

Miriam Erdosi
Associate Director of Program Services March of Dimes, CA Chapter

"Mary Coughlin is one of the most inspirational leaders and change-makers I have ever encountered. She listens to your dreams, quickly points out the key factors that you should work on to make them happen and then starts providing you with tools so you can make the changes happen, keeping you in check with the goals you established but setting you free once you are stronger, so the merit of what you accomplish will be yours."

Ana Garcia
Chief Nurse, CHLC – Pólo Maternidade Dr. Alfredo da Costa

"Mary has the ability to link together the science of care, historical data and her practical experience into a comprehensive strategy for caring that goes beyond the typical NICU environment. Her passion for neonatal care is contagious and she has the ability to motivate those around her to deliver a higher standard of care. Mary’s down to earth style, coupled with her deep knowledge of neonatal development makes her a vital resource to any organization focused on improving their clinical outcomes and quality of care."

Jim Boschoff
Senior Director, Integration at Philips Healthcare

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