Trauma-informed Care Certification - Prep Course


Trauma-informed Care Certification - Prep Course


Children who experience early life adversity are at risk for adverse health outcomes that may not be realized until adulthood. Advances in developmental biology are now shedding light on our understanding of the fetal and neonatal origins of adult disease.

Primary prevention and earlier intervention through a trauma-informed framework may be integral in caring for vulnerable, at-risk patient populations to reduce the societal burden of disease associated with early life adversity.

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Learning Objectives

  1. The learner will describe the purpose of the trauma-informed care certification

  2. The learner will list the 8 attributes of a trauma-informed professional

  3. The learner will draft an exemplar of how they demonstrate each attribute in their professional and personal life


Trauma-informed Care & Certification

  • Background of the Certification

  • Principles & Values of Trauma-informed Care

  • Implications of Certification for the Patient, the Professional and Healthcare at Large

Trauma-informed Care and the Perinatal Continuum

  • Implications of a Trauma-informed Approach during the Antepartum Period

  • Implications for Trauma-informed Care during the Intrapartum Period

  • Postpartum Implications of Trauma-informed Care for the infant and family

Domains of Knowledge for the Trauma-informed Professional

  • Toxic stress and early life adversity

  • Trauma-informed care

  • Core measures for trauma-informed, age-appropriate care

  • Trauma-informed care for the clinician

Eight Attributes of the Trauma-informed Professional

  • What are the 8 attributes

  • Why these 8 attributes

  • What each attribute looks like in practice

Creating a Successful Portfolio

  • Elements of a Successful Portfolio

  • The Purpose of the Process

  • Expectations & Objectives


  • The Matrix of Mastery

  • Leveling up

  • Expectations & Objectives


  • Questions & Answers

  • Next steps