Quantum Leap

A 6-month program to create cultural transformation that changes lives and changes outcomes for your patients, your unit, and yourself!



You put everything you have into creating the best outcomes for your patients and your unit, but all this effort is wasted without a clear strategy and plan to create the transformation you know is needed to take patient outcomes to the next level.

Quantum Leap is a 6 month program which shares research and evidence-based methods and strategies to create lasting, life changing transformation where it is needed most - at the heart of neonatal care. 


In this program you will learn...

  1. How to create a vision for the future with clear goals and objectives that your colleagues and unit can connect with and implement

  2. How to design a high impact change program linked to specific outcomes for your unit

  3. How to effectively implement cultural change that transforms outcomes for babies and families

  4. How to anticipate obstacles in implementing changes and have clear strategies to overcome objections

  5. How to create personal transformation and increase your confidence applying research based tools and techniques


This program is for you if...

  • You can see the opportunity to create change that transforms the lives of your patients and their families and believe in following an evidence-based approach to change outcomes

  • You have a vision for what's possible in your unit and by following a clear strategy and framework for change you would finally be able to bring your vision to life

  • You want to reconnect with your passion and purpose and know the results you create every day are fulfilling your potential and promoting excellence in your NICU

  • You recognize that your current habits can get in the way of you operating at your highest level and you are ready to be supported and challenged to make changes in your own life to become more confident and successful

  • You want to be part of an international tribe of like-minded NICU professionals that are creating transformation and changing the hospital experience for NICU families around the globe


Here's what you get - The Science & The Soul

The Science Track is led by Mary Coughlin, the internationally recognized expert in the field of trauma-informed care for neonates and infants. With over 35 years of nursing experience, Mary immerses you in a curriculum framed by the principles and practices of trauma-informed critical caring. Using proven methodologies for quality improvement, learners will develop confidence and competence in creating measurable clinical practice transformation in their NICU.

The Soul Track is led by Mel MacIntyre, a Certified High Performance Coach. Mel mentors, challenges and supports you through group training and coaching sessions with your peers. Using specific research based tools and techniques you will reach a whole new level of confidence and success. You are supported through tribe learning to take the challenges you are facing and use them to create positive changes in how you operate and achieve results.


Take the leap

Make 2019 your year to create the transformation you've dreamed about

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
— Dr. Seuss, The Lorax