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Quantum Caring for NICU Clinicians

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WHEN: Saturday, August 24th, 2019, 8:30am - 5:00pm PT

WHERE: Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, Las Vegas NV

WHY: What we now know for sure is that the intangible dimensions of the human experience leave an indelible imprint on our psyche, our physiology and our lifelong health and wellness!

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
— Dr. Seuss


Sharon Bonifazi RNC-NIC

Sharon Bonifazi RNC-NIC

Mary Coughlin, MS, NNP, RNC-E

Mary Coughlin, MS, NNP, RNC-E

Mary Coughlin is a global leader in neonatal nursing and has pioneered the concept of trauma-informed, neuroprotective care as a biologically relevant paradigm for hospitalized infants, families and professionals.

A seasoned staff nurse, charge nurse, neonatal nurse practitioner, administrator, educator, coach and mentor, Ms. Coughlin has over 37 years of nursing experience beginning with her tenure in the US Air Force Nurse Corp and culminating with her current role as Founder and Chief Transformation Officer of Caring Essentials Collaborative. 

Ms. Coughlin is a published author with credits that include the 2011 Clinical Practice Guidelines for Age-Appropriate Care of the Premature and Critically Ill Hospitalized Infant for NANN; Transformative Nursing in the NICU: Trauma-Informed, Age-Appropriate Care and her most recent book entitled: Trauma-informed Care in the NICU: Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines for Transdisciplinary Neonatal Clinicians endorsed by NANN and recognized by the Council for International Neonatal Nurses as the definitive evidence-based resource for trauma-informed developmentally supportive care for hospitalized infants and families.

Mary lives in Boston MA with her husband Dan and their dog George.

Sharon began her life in the NICU as a premature infant. She knew she had found her true purpose when she oriented in the NICU during nursing school and has been a Neonatal Nurse for 20 years.

Sharon has worked in a variety of roles including bedside RN, caring for a diverse group of infants from those born extremely premature to those who are awaiting cardiac transplant and recovery as well as transport nurse and nurse manager.

She is an alumni of Caring Essentials' Quantum Leap Program and has since spoken on "Hope: Stories from the NICU" at both the ONE Conference and as part of the Spotlight series at the Science and Soul Conference in Belgium, 2019.

Sharon feels that it is her calling to work with nurses and other professionals in the area of Trauma Informed Care and hopes to be an inspiration to the NICU professionals that inspire her on a daily basis.

Program Overview


1300-1345: The Biological Implications of a Trauma-informed Approach (TIA) in the NICU

  • Neurobiology & Epigenetics of Perinatal Trauma

  • Autonomic Integrity and Traumatic Stress

  • Developmental Trajectory and Risk for Psychopathology in ELBW Survivors

1345-1530: What Trauma-informed Care (TIC) Looks Like in the NICU and Beyond

  • The 5 Core Measures for Trauma-informed, Age-appropriate Care

  • Clinically Relevant Examples and Evidence-based Strategies Across Each Core Measure Set (Trauma-informed Care Toolkit)

  • How to CARE OUT LOUD - Actions Speak Louder than Words

1530-1630: Imperfect Courage - “…choosing courage is the route to impact

  • What is Imperfect Courage?

  • 5 Things You Can Do to Cultivate Courage

  • Draft Your Courage Prescription

1630-1700: Q&A; Wrap-up; Conferment of Certificates of Attendance


0800-0830: Registration, Coffee, Network

0830-0845: Welcome, Introductions, Overview of the Day

0845-0945: Psychosocial Development and Learned Life Virtues

  • Erik Erikson’s 8 stages of psychosocial development

  • Psychosocial crisis associated with each stage

  • Life Virtues and their implications for health and wellness

0945-1100: What’s Hope got to do with it? The Science Behind the Virtue

  • What is hope and why it matters so much

  • Hope and the Human Brain

  • The Hope Continuum

1100-1215: Compassionomics

  • Does Compassion Matter?

  • Compassion Drives Revenue and Cuts Costs

  • Compassion as an Antidote to Burnout

1215-1300: LUNCH (provided)


This program has been awarded 8 continuing education credits for nursing in accordance with 244 CMR 5.04 Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing


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Workshop Tuition = $125.00

Your tuition includes:

  • Your certificate of attendance

  • Coffee and lunch

  • A trauma-informed care toolkit

  • Networking

  • Your own, individualized CARE OUT LOUD action plan

  • And MORE

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Quantum Caring for Clinicians Workshop



We welcome sponsorship from organizations passionate about critically ill babies and their families, committed to helping clinicians make a difference in the lives of the people they serve, and grounded in current research and evidence-based best practice.

If this sounds like you, please join us in Las Vegas at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center August 24, 2019!