NeoPAL Basic

This evidence-based mobile learning app is the ideal resource for neonatal clinicians! neoPALBASIC is the perfect adjunct to NICU orientation, annual competency based education, as well as an excellent vehicle for your next quality improvement initiative! The app has proven effective in improving infant position assessment (IPAT*) scores of critically ill infants in a tertiary care NICU [p = 0.004].


Quantum Caring for Parents - NICU

Admission to the NICU is a stressful and frightening event! Whether your baby's hospital stay is short or long, your presence, your touch, your voice, and your love are very important for your baby's short-term and long-term health.

We asked Mary Coughlin to be our keynote speaker after reading her book, “Transformative Nursing in the NICU: trauma-informed age-appropriate care.” Mary collaborated with us to develop objectives, plan the content, and create the interactive supporting activities for the day. She was so easy to work with! Her communication was supportive, consistent, and positive. Feedback from the attendees was incredibly positive, and our respect and admiration for Mary is “wickedly” five-star! She continues to offer advice when we seek it from her, which is so very important for us in a NICU.
— Linda Lacina, MSN NIDCAP Trainer, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA