Science and Soul Mastery Series


Science and Soul Mastery Series

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Science & Soul brings together leading scientists, researchers, clinicians and educators to translate advances in our understanding of early life adversity, epigenetics and parental mental health into actionable improvements in the care of critically ill newborns, infants and families.

The Mastery Series includes -

  • The 2019 Congress Proceedings to include recorded presentations of the interdisciplinary, international faculty (a $397.00 USD value)

  • Full access to the 2018 Science & Soul Congress - recordings, syllabus and all additional resource materials! ( a value of $297.00 USD)

  • A digital congress syllabus for each proceedings

  • Any additional resources provided by the faculty to support their presentation subject matter

  • The knowledge and inspiration from 2 Science & Soul Congresses for the price of 1

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To bring together international experts to catalyze and advance evidence-based practice in trauma-informed, age-appropriate neuroprotective care of the infant and family in crisis across all healthcare settings.

  • To create a mastermind group that will explore, brainstorm and create clinically relevant, evidence-based practice improvement strategies that ensure high quality, safe, timely, patient and family centered care.

  • To raise the bar in the performance expectations of transdisciplinary neonatal and pediatric clinicians in meeting the disease-independent, age-appropriate needs of the hospitalized newborn, infant and family.

  • To foster scholarship that will engage and empower frontline clinicians to begin a cultural transformation in their clinical setting that reflects the principles and practices of trauma-informed, neuroprotective care for infants, families, and clinicians.

I purchased access to the Science and Soul 2018 lectures. It was such a moving moment for me to see and listen to such outstanding work.... I got to see and listen to Dr Als for the second time in my 40 year nursing career. I really want to make a difference in the lives of the little souls and their families we care for, It is something I have worked for my entire career.

2018 Faculty Presentations

Marilyn Sanders, MD, FAAP , USA - Trauma-informed Care in the NICU: Promoting Safety, Security and Connectedness

Amy D’Agata, Ph.D., M.S., R.N. , USA - Stress, Toxic Stress or Trauma: What is the NICU Infant Experience and Should We Care?

Rosario Montirosso, PhD, Italy - Early Life Adversity, Epigenetics and Neuroprotective Care in the NICU

Thomas Kuehn, Neonatologist, Germany - Golden Hour – The Gentle Transition from Uterine Life

Thereza Valle E Vasconcellos , Portugal, Skin-to-skin Care Versus Holding-in-Arms – A Parental Decision

Alison Grant Physiotherapist & Sara Russell Clinical Lead for  Speech and Language  Therapy, UK - Primary Prevention and Early Intervention: Lessons Learned from Neonatal Follow-Up

Sue Hall BA, MSW, MD, USA - Neonatal Intensive Parenting Units: A New Paradigm for Neonatal Intensive Care

Heidelise Als, PhD, USA - NIDCAP: What we have learned and what the future holds

Thomas Kuehn, Neonatologist, Germany - Neuroprotective Parenting in the NICU -The family centered care concept

Isabelle Milette, NNP, Canada - Institutional Guidelines for the Implementation of Neuroprotective Care in the NICU

Carla Saunders, NNP, DNP, USA - Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: One Unit's Journey Caring for the Tiniest Souls Affected by the Opioid Crisis in the United States

Christy Gliniak OTR/L, CNT, NTMTC, USA - Find your C.O.U.R.A.G.E.: Essential Strategies for Transformational Change in the NICU and Beyond

2019 Faculty Presentations

Mel MacIntyreUnited Kingdom – The Science & Soul of Passion, Purpose, and Clarity

Thomas Kuehn MDGermany - Breastfeeding in the NICU

Andrew Rossetti MMT, MT-BCUSA - First Sounds: Music Psychotherapy to Foster Safety through Rhythm, Breath, and Lullaby

Mind the Gap Session with Mary Coughlin NNPUSA

Sharon Bonifazi, BSN, RNCUSA - H.O.P.E.

Odile Frauenfelder RN MSc Ma ANPNetherlands - European Standards of Care for Newborn Health

Marilyn Sanders MDUSA - Take your own pulse: Supporting autonomic co-regulation in NICU staff

Kathi Randall NNPUSA - Functional Connectivity and Preterm Brain Maturation - The Science & The Soul

Carlo Bellieni MDItaly – The Science & Soul Of Neonatal Pain

Jenene Craig PH.D., MBA, OTR/LUSA and Christy Gliniak OTR/L, CNT, NTMTC, CPXP, USA: Broadening the Village: The Crucial Role of Transdisciplinary Caring

Jeroen Dudink MDNetherlands - Neonatal Sleep

Research Updates in Trauma-informed Care: Kathryn Sharp PhD, RRT, UK, Sue Horner, MS, RN & Micki Arrizola MBA, BSN, RN USA, Joke Wielenga PhD, RN, Netherlands

Amy D’Agata, PhDUSA – Epigenetics and Trauma in the NICU

Heidelise Als PhDUSA – The NIDCAP Nursery Program – Improving Care for Infants, Families and Staff

Mary Coughlin, MS, NNPUSA – Bearing Witness in the NICU and Beyond: Trauma-informed Care for the Clinician

Snippets from our 2018 Congress