Pain & Stress Master Class - July 14, 2018


Pain & Stress Master Class - July 14, 2018


Master class #2

Hot TiPs for Consistently Reliable Pain & Stress Prevention, Assessment and Management


  1. Participants will be presented with the latest evidence and best practices in pain and stress prevention, assessment and management, and the role of the family

  2. Participants will collaborate with the master class tribe to develop an actionable change strategy

  3. Participants will outline short term and long term metrics for success

  4. Participants will identify existing challenges to their change strategy and outline potential solutions to address their described challenges

Location: Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, Las Vegas, NV 

Saturday, July 14, 2018 9am - 3:30pm

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This 6.5-hour master class presents the ever expanding body of knowledge related to toxic stress and the deleterious effects of unmanaged and undermanaged pain in the neonatal and infant patient population. 

The biology and pathophysiology associated with early life adversity provides the backdrop for Master Class participants to create improvement strategies aimed at ensuring a trauma-free hospital experience for newborns and infants in their clinical setting.

This Master Class series is presented by Mary Coughlin, MS, NNP, RNC-E, the internationally recognized expert in the field of trauma-informed care for hospitalized newborns, infants and families. Ms. Coughlin has mentored close to 10,000 interdisciplinary NICU clinicians from over 14 countries to transform the experience of care for the hospitalized infant and family in crisis.

This master class series will:

  • Introduce the concept of trauma-informed care for hospitalized newborns, infants and families;
  • Present evidence-based best practices to ameliorate and mitigate the trauma experience across the five core quality measures for trauma-informed, neuroprotective care;
  • Coach and mentor participants in the development of effective transformation strategies that will provide measurable results  for infants, families and clinicians.

A tribe learning framework ensures participants feel included, appreciated, and respected for their differences, are actively involved in their own learning and receive positive input and support from their peers ensuring the collective success of the entire tribe.

As a product of tribe learning, participants will choose accountability partners to support their ongoing success beyond the master class setting.