An international group of likeminded, heart-centered professionals who are passionate about being the change for their patients, their practice and themselves


What we do...

Coming together, this group will discover and discuss cutting edge research to inform and guide the development of best practices that protect the psycho-socio-emotional integrity of the hospitalized infant and begin to outline quality measures and performance expectations to preserve the full potential of the vulnerable individuals we are called to serve in the NICU!

Mary Coughlin’s passion for neonatal nursing is inspiring. Mary approaches her expertise with such a tremendous respect for not only her fellow professionals but also for the tiniest and most vulnerable humans of whom she serves. You simply cannot help but view the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit differently and strive to serve your patients more empathetically and with greater care after you hear her speak.
— Miriam Erdosi MSW, Associate Director Program Services California Chapter, March of Dimes Los Angeles, California, USA

what you receive...

  • Your one-time fee provides you with an immediate 12-page workbook download: ‘Your Blueprint for Trauma-informed Care.’
  • In addition, you will receive a separate follow-up email from dropbox to share an exclusive 1.5-hour video training session with Ms. Coughlin presenting ‘An Introduction to Hot Topics in Trauma-informed Critical Caring’.
  • Finally, you will be granted lifetime access to our closed Facebook group - The TRIBE, where you will receive a weekly post (video, article, etc,) to stimulate discussion, engage in problem-solving and begin the journey to transform the hospital experience for patients and professionals around the globe (this is where the magic happens)!
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To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.
— Dr. Seuss