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Spelunking anyone?

When my daughter introduced me to the word 'spelunking' I thought she made it up. Nope, it's a real word and it means "the exploration of caves".

This is what I did this weekend with my husband and my Virginia family, we went spelunking at the Luray Caverns in Virginia.

My daughter, son-in-law and sweet Theo

My daughter, son-in-law and sweet Theo


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We learned so much stuff on the tour.  How the stalactites form, what the different minerals were and how they colored stones shades of red, gray and white.  There was one stalagmite that was seven million years old!

The ones that were still dripping water were still forming, still growing and developing while the dry ones were finished growing. It made me think of people.  How there are some people thirsty for knowledge, growth and other folks who are dried stones - they finished growing.  A bit of a melancholy view of such a beautiful marvel of mother nature.

As we walked through the cavern we came upon this incredible site, an underground lake.  What you see in the picture below is the reflection of the ceiling in the glass-like water of the underground lake.

2019-08-31 16.05.45 HDR.jpg

The water was so unbelievably still.  You know that saying 'still waters run deep'? I think we can all appear as still waters, with a deep passionate nature below the surface.

Like this underground lake mirrors the ceiling, we often reflect back to the world what we see in the world around us. We may think we have to be or act a certain way to blend in or fit in. We hide our true self, that which resides below the surface, in order to be taken seriously or scientifically.  As if being serious and scientific is antithetical to being tenderhearted and humane.  As a result, like the dry stalactites, some of us may feel that our deep passionate nature has dried up, we cannot see what lies within.

And as the days and years pass, we become further lost from our true selves, our true nature.  Oh, we may see glimpses now and again, sacred moments.  Whether it's bearing witness to a birth, helping a new mom hold her dear sweet baby for the first time, or supporting a new dad while he kangaroos his baby - those are the moments that reconnect us to our purpose and our passion.

Those quiet moments sometimes go unnoticed and in the not noticing we lose ourselves further.  

I talked about compassion last week and today's post is an invitation to be present, present with each and every moment of your life, each breath!  The stalagmites dripping water for millions of years create a beauty that is surreal, magical and transformative, just like YOU!

In the caverns is this ridiculously amazing organ.  It's called the Stalacpipe Organ.

What the inventors created was a way of drawing out the most beautiful tones from the dry stalagmites. Through a very thoughtful process and discovering which stalagmite and which part of the stalagmite would elicit the most beautiful tone, this instrument was able to make the most beautiful music (click on the image to learn more).

I have benefited immensely from 'outside' help that has guided, mentored and coached me back to my true self, my purpose and passion (which I didn't even know I had lost until I had found it again😊).  Isn't that often the case, we don't know what we don't know, and we certainly can't find what we never knew was missing and this is why being present is so wicked important.

Connecting with like-minded, heart-centered colleagues and experts helps draw out the best in us, helps us reconnect with our passionate true nature.  

When you pay attention to what is happening in the moment and you pay attention to how you feel about what is happening, what you are noticing it's mind-blowing what you discover. 

I double dog dare you to try it.  Just once (or twice) over the course of a day try and be present during a care encounter and rediscover what brought you into this incredibly noble work.

Take care and care well,


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