Imperfect Courage

I recently read this wicked awesome book entitled: "Imperfect Courage".  It was one of those reads that as I approached the end of the book the thought of it ending really bummed me out. So, I started to read it more slowly, putting it down for a couple days, then picking it up again until I got so engrossed in the final chapters I finished the book in one fell swoop. (Have you ever done that with a really good book?)

It's the only hard cover book (that wasn't a text book) that I actually used my highlighter in and then marked the highlighted areas with paper clips so I could find the wisdom Jessica shared more easily .

Imperfect Courage paper clips.JPG

One of the quotes that connected with me I found on page 18: "...choosing courage will always be the route to impact." These words resonated with me so strongly. 

It's such an amazing book I literally have been recommending this book to just about everyone I come across, (including you).  As I read Jessica's pages, through my change-maker, activist lens, I found alignment and inspiration in her words. 

That being said, choosing courage is scary, right?  Asking why we do something a certain way in clinical practice can raise eyebrows at the least and can create real turmoil for the questioner. 

I'm going to guess that these statements: 'Who do you think you are?', "We've been doing it this way for 30 years", and "This is how's it's done here" are all too familiar responses when one gets too curious (or maybe even just curious at all). 

It's just so hard to bump up against an immovable, crusty old culture that is set in its ways.  So we often 'just keep trying' doing the same things we've always done despite the fact that our 'trying' never seems to get results. 

As scary as embracing imperfect courage may seem, the mounting frustration we experience always trying but inevitably staying the same can be terrifying!

You know in your heart of hearts that there is a better way, that we can do better by our patients, their families and even ourselves.  

In the wise words of Yoda:  "Try not! Do or do not, there is no try!"


'Try' is an escape hatch to get us off the hook; 'I'll try but you know how hard it is to change things here'.   But as we all know, anything worthwhile is worth the effort, but not effort alone. 

Change requires process and consistency, especially when we are looking for sustainability (consistency is the secret sauce). And so, imperfect courage invites us to stand up, embrace vulnerability, commit to collaboration, leverage our power to build a flourishing world for the babies we serve, the parents we support and the colleagues we bear witness with. 

We must do, but to do so requires courage and going scared!  The good news is you don't have to do it alone, nobody does.  The work I do with frontline clinicians and leaders revolves around the concept of tribe, community, and collaboration, in a nut shell, you are never alone. 

Remember the Healing Environment core measure set?  It includes not just the physical environment but the human and organizational components of the environment. These attributes of the healing environment are quintessential for success that is sustainable and measurable.  

Healign Env CM.jpg

Bearing witness with healing intention is our way of engaging with patients and families with authenticity and love. This act of being human requires personal wholeness, professional growth, and imperfect courage! 

Take care and care well,


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