May 2018

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing Memorial Day weekend!  Things are in a bit of disarray in my neck of the woods as we do some pretty aggressive spring cleaning (I guess technically we are a little late in the season, but all is well as we get the job done).

The thing I like about spring cleaning (unlike regular cleaning) is that it feels a bit more mindful.  Going through closets and asking myself 'will I really ever wear that again' or 'how many CDs do we really need (if any)' or 'wow, I found a VHS tape, maybe I should keep it for historical purposes' - makes me think about  some NICU cultures.  You know the ones I'm talking about, where when asked 'why do we [insert practice] ', the answer is often 'we've been doing it this way for 30 years, it's the [fill in the hospital name] way.'  Holding onto practices (routines, rituals, or CDsjust because doesn't truly serve anyone. Certainly our patients  are not served when we fail to operate from an evidence-based, holistic and humanitarian  perspective. 

That kind of mindless, stagnant approach to care needs to be scrubbed out of existence (in my opinion).  It breeds apathy and disconnection that undermines patient safety, quality caring,  teamwork, and collaboration - everyone loses.

So, how about a challenge - identify one stagnant, out of date, dusty old practice in your clinical setting and get rid of it -  I double dog dare you :-).  And, if you're really courageous, share your dusty old practices in the comment section below.

Go ahead, do it - the babies and families are waiting.