May 2017

Spring is finally here in New England - Woo-Hoo! I hope the weather is nice where you are. Spring is such a great time of the year, and for me, the signs of new life, the return of the birds chirping in the morning, buds bursting from the tree limbs, and evidence that my peony planting has survived another winter fills me up with a quiet sense of joy and gratitude.

Technically summer doesn't begin for another month, but, Memorial Day weekend generally is the unofficial start of summer. With a three-day weekend on the horizon I am wishing you all a fun-filled, relaxing and safe holiday!

Since transitioning from the clinician role, to educator and then entrepreneur and subject matter expert I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support I receive from you! Its validating and encouraging that this work resonates with my colleagues and that spurs me on to create new and engaging ways to serve you.

I have created a closed Facebook group entitled The ACUMEN especially for you. The idea is you can post questions, share experiences, and network with the like-minded, passionate professionals that are our readership.

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Take care and care well,