Happy 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Well, here we are, 2017, WOW!

As 2016 winded down, I started thinking about how I wanted to show up for 2017. How did I see myself, my career, my life! I got totally lost in thought. While I was daydreaming about my future I was quickly brought back to the present by my granddaughter who came running into my office, squealing with excitement, she had just lost another tooth.

She was just bubbling over with her news and shared with me every single detail about the tooth's journey from slightly loose, to playfully wiggley, to now being in the palm of her tiny hand and no blood - that was a bonus that made her super happy. As we gabbed about the tooth and the next steps (tooth fairy and such) I became keenly aware of my surroundings, the exuberance of Illeana, Illy for short (my granddaughter), the smell of toast wafting up from the kitchen, the sound of my dog George turning in circles before thumping on the ground, the sound of the radiators clanking and hissing heat throughout the house.

As the energy of the event dissipated, my granddaughter retreated upstairs and I pondered what had just transpired. I enjoyed sharing that super special moment in her life, it is so cool to be a grandmother. Being present with her and bearing witness to her special event I felt gratitude for my life, I felt alive and purposeful - her energy of excitement was contagious.

I sometimes struggle with being present - I am a bit of a worry wart, I worry about the future and rewind the past as if I could change something and it would alter my present in some meaningful way. It was in the throes of self-reflection that I thought about the wisdom of my business coach who reminds me about the importance of clarity and intention in achieving success. My business coach suggests that instead of a new year’s resolution, that I choose a word of the year, a word that will guide me throughout the year, a word that will re-mind me of my soul's purpose and help me stay focused.

With the help of Illy and her now missing tooth, I have decided to choose the word presentI choose to be present in 2017! I will be present with each moment as it unfolds and be open and welcoming of all that 2017 has to offer.

2017 is still just kicking off (many of you might still be writing 2016 in your diary or on your checks, I know I have). What word will keep you focused, what word will help you be the best version of yourself, not only at the bedside but in your life? Please consider sharing your word for 2017 with me and let's create a wordle for 2017 that reflects our collective commitment to improving ourselves. When we bring the best version of ourselves to the patient interface of care we make a difference in the lives of the infants and families we serve in the hospital setting.

Take care and care well,