April 2017

This past week marked the 120th Boston Marathon! It's a pretty amazing event! The picture to the right shows Kathrine Switzer crossing the finish line. How wicked awesome is that? She is 70 years old!

In 1967 Switzer registered for the marathon using her initials to cover up her gender (women were not allowed to compete with men and were considered too fragile for a marathon). When she was just a few miles from the finish line, the co-director of the marathon tried to shove her out of the competition but her boyfriend threw him to the ground and Switzer was able to finish the race proving to her running coach that women could run 26.2 miles.

Changing the culture of the NICU to reflect a trauma-informed, age-appropriate care paradigm can feel like a marathon. You try role-modeling evidence-based practices and behaviors, maybe you organize interesting lunch and learn sessions for your colleagues, you attend various conferences to expand your knowledge base in the hope of bringing back that special piece of information that will have everybody say "Aha, NOW I get it!'.

It can get pretty frustrating and we can can easily fall into the trap of blaming. We may blame management, our peers, and even ourselves for not supporting, not caring, and not knowing enough. Check out the video by Brene Brown on Blaming.

The challenge is to stay true to your path and embrace your GRIT (aka your passion and perseverance).

Click the highlighted text in this sentence for a self-care exercise in the form of a meditation to build your confidence and courage.

In the wise words of John Bytheway (yup, that's his name): "An inch is a cinch, a yard is too hard."

Please reach out to me for any guidance or insights, I am always happy to share and support the good work you do everyday - touching lives, impacting lifetimes!

Take care and care well,