Creating improved outcomes for you & your NICU in 2018

Calling you to become a pioneer of your NICU - Join us and TAKE THE LEAP!

What if 2018 was the year you finally created the transformation you know is possible for your patients, your unit, and yourself?

You have the power! I have seen your power in the gentle way you speak to your tiny patients, the comfort you offer parents, the extra hand you extend to your colleagues, and the way you champion change in your unit.

When I present at conferences and workshops about trauma-informed care and even when I work directly with NICU staff, my primary audience is usually the choir; those dedicated, like-minded clinicians that are passionate about trauma-informed, developmental care - they are the champions, they get it.  But what I have witnessed over the years is that the real work goes well beyond engaging the champions, right?   

In order to realize sustainable transformation the real work begins by bridging the gap between the engaged and empowered champions (you) and the rest of the staff!   Identifying this gap created a huge opportunity for me to figure out how I could better help clinicians overcome the personal challenges and obstacles they face in successfully implementing changes and becoming the powerful and influential practitioners they could be.

Meeting Mel MacIntyre was a wonderful moment of synchronicity as she has devoted her 20 year career to supporting individuals, teams, and organizations to become more confident and empowered through change and achieve transformation that creates real results. Mel was the missing piece to my puzzle and had the skills and expertise to address the gap (and she's a wicked cool person too)!

We soon realized that by joining forces and combining our passions we could make a real, tangible difference in the world of neonatal care - changing lives and changing outcomes by supporting clinicians and practitioners just like you to reach new levels of performance and potential by implementing evidence-based practice changes.

But, it's not just about me and Mel - we need you to co-create a solution that speaks directly to your needs and your challenges. Your participation in this pilot program will expose even more opportunities to support you in the critical work you do everyday touching lives and impacting lifetimes!  

By Taking the Leap with us and becoming a pioneer in our pilot program you are making an investment in yourself that will take your life and career to a whole new level of success and in just 6 months you could be seeing and experiencing a new vision for your NICU and improved outcomes for the babies and families you serve. 

Your first step begins by registering your interest to TAKE THE LEAP!

Take care and care well,