BEACON Workshop
9:00 AM09:00

BEACON Workshop

  • Summerlin Medical Center Hospital (map)
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Early Life Adversity

  • Toxic stress and the neuroendocrine-immune network
  • Psychosocial vulnerability and risks for central sensitivity syndromes
  • Epigenetics and adversity-related psychopathology

Quantum Caring

  • Biological basis for caring & Polyvagal Theory
  • Trauma-informed Care for hospitalized newborns & infants
  • Core measures for age-appropriate care

Implementation Science & Improvement Methodologies

  • Implementation frameworks
  • Comparison of Quality Improvement Models
  • Testing versus Implementing change

Group work

  • Design tests of change
  • Feedback session
  • Identify barriers / challenges

Quantum Leadership

  • What are leadership skills?
  • Your leadership profile
  • Strategies for engaging your colleagues

Next Steps



Participants will receive an evidence-based tool kit which will include a practice audit, sample algorithms, competencies, parent teaching sheets and more.

Each represented facility will receive 3 follow-up coaching calls to support plan testing, practice improvement implementation, and abstract/manuscript development.

Each participant will gain access to a private Facebook page to continue the networking and collaboration!

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